5 Signs You Should Seek Anxiety Counselling and Treatment


Anxiety disorders are a number of related mental health problems related to anxiety and fear that come with emotional and physical symptoms. Therapists and mental health professionals recognise at least ten unique anxiety disorders, each presenting its own set of symptoms and diagnostic criteria. Some of the primary anxiety disorders include generalised anxiety disorders, social anxiety disorders, panic disorders and specific disorders.  While each of these conditions may have slight differences, all of them share one symptom, which is excessive fear and persistent worry in threatening situations.

27 January 2020

When Medications Won't Help Your Gloomy Teen: Why Counselling Is the Best Tool to Treat Childhood Depression


Depression is rampant among adults, but did you know that it is also fairly common in children? The emotions that children experience as they develop and the daily normal "blues" are different from depression. Sadly, most parents don't take childhood depression seriously because they mistake it with the usual emotions. Don't conclude your child is depressed because they look sad, but do so if the persistent sadness interferes with their family life, schoolwork, life interests and social activities.

20 January 2020